How Recycling Your Old Industrial Trasformers Can Save You Some Money

3 January 2023
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

As a business owner, it is very important to make sure that you are saving money when and where you can. One quick and easy way to save your business some money is to opt for transformer recycling when the old transformers are no longer serving a worthy purpose. If you are not yet sure just how it is you can save money with the recycling of old outdated industrial transformers, you will want to keep reading.

They Save You From Having To Break Down The Transformer

You cannot just shove a big transformer in the trash and have it sent off to the city dump. There are a lot of toxic parts within the transformer and depending on where you live, you could find yourself faced with hefty fines if you do not have the transformer broken down and those toxic parts disposed of properly. When you send the transformer off for recycling, they will tend to all of that.

You Can Sell It To A Recycling Center

There are companies that will pay money to come pick up your old industrial transformers. They do this is order to reuse many of the parts that still have some good life in them. They can use those parts in other transformers and then send the rest of the parts off for recycling. How much they will pay you will depend on the region you are in, how old the transformer is, how bad of shape it is in, and how many good parts the company can retrieve from inside of the transformer for their own usage.

You Can Use It As A Write Off

If you are not able to get money given to you for the recycling of your industrial transformer, you should be able to use the value of it as a write off on your taxes. You will need to speak with your tax preparation accountant or professional to find out more.

Now that you have had the chance to learn a little more about how transformer recycling can save you some money, it is time to start reaching out to the various companies that offer such services. Remember, there are a lot of places that can take your old industrial transformers for recycling, but not all of them will be able to offer you the same quality of service or the same financial deal. You will want to make some comparisons and maybe even talk with others in your field of work to find out who they have used for transformer recycling or disposal in order to determine which places might be the best option for your needs.