Different Industries Welding Is Used In

26 July 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

There are different types of welding and many industries in which welding is used. The information detailed here will go over just some of the many industries where welding is commonly used. 

The automotive industry

Welding is used in the automotive industry for a variety of reasons. It can be used for things like repairing damaged fenders, repairing cracked panels, repairing a vehicle's exhaust system, and more. 

The railroad industry

Welding is also commonly done in the railroad industry. Train tracks can be welded and the trains themselves can be welded during the manufacturing process, as well as when repairs are needed. 

The aviation industry

There are a number of types of welding used in the aviation industry. Welding is done in the manufacturing of parts, as well as during repairs. Welding is done to join together metallic components and structures, and to provide additional structural support. 

The construction and infrastructure industry

There are many ways welding is used regularly in the construction and infrastructure industries, as well as different types of welding that get used. Welding is used in the building of such projects as bridges, dams, commercial canopies, commercial buildings, highways, and more. Welding is used to do things like connect I-beams, connect columns, add support to walls, and connect trusses, for example.

 The ship-building and repair industry

Welding is also used in the shipbuilding and ship repair industries. There can be more involved with the welding used in things like ship repair, as sometimes these repairs are done under the water. This means that underwater welding is done for things like repairing cracks in the hull of the ship. 

The manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry can cover a wide range of various items and products. Many of these products are manufactured with some parts being welded. Things like shelving, furniture, tool boxes, and so many other items may have parts that are welded during the manufacturing process. 

The fencing industry

Some types of fences have parts that are welded together. One example of a type of fence that is welded is wrought iron fencing. Not only is the fencing itself welded, but custom additions to the fencing that customers may want added can often be welded into place. 


This article has covered just some of the many ways that welding is used. Welding creates a very strong bond that offers strong parts and that causes those parts to remain durable over the years. Reach out to a local welding service to learn more.