Things To Seek Out When Purchasing Viral Transport Media

21 April 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

The purpose of viral transport media is to keep viral samples protected while being transported to different destinations, such as to a lab for independent testing. If you need to purchase some to engage in this activity, make sure you look for a couple of things.

Sample-Specific Media

There are a number of samples you can put in transport media that are sent off to labs. However, if you want to make sure your transport media provides the right amount of protection and safety, take into account the specific samples you're sending off. That's key in finding sample-specific media that doesn't bring up a lot of issues later.

For instance, if you plan on sending blood samples to labs to test for viruses, then you need transport media that's specifically designed to support it. The media's materials and designs will be tailored to the sample type and thus provide smooth shipping and handling procedures.


You'll have way more say in how viral transport media is made when you choose a manufacturer that supports custom options. This may be needed if you have some particularly unique requests for transport media that's supporting viral samples. 

You may need the transport media to be a certain size or shape for instance. As long as you find a viral transport manufacturer that's used to accepting unique orders from their clients, it shouldn't be hard for them to bring your criteria to life and verify everything matches your requests perfectly.

Durable Materials

When you put a viral sample inside transport media that eventually is sent off to a lab, you want to know without a doubt the materials are going to hold up to keep the sample inside. That's key for protecting those that will be handling this media throughout its shipping journey.

In this case, try to find high-quality materials for your viral transport media. They need to be impact-resistant and ideally resistant to different elements like UV rays and chemicals. Then regardless of what this media is exposed to, its materials will hold up and thus protect the viral samples inside.

If you're looking to purchase viral transport media to ship viral samples in a structured, compliant way, then focus on media that suits your needs best. Only you will know what they are so take your time to perform research, ultimately aligning yourself with the right transport media that gives you zero issues. 

If you need assistance with Covid-19 transport media, contact a local company.