3 Tips For Keeping A Warehouse Comfortably Warm During The Winter

16 February 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Keeping a large warehouse comfortably warm during the winter presents several challenges. Metal buildings often feature high ceilings and poor insulation, and that makes it difficult to maintain a warm temperature on the floor where your employees are working. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can solve the problems posed by trying to keep a large metal building warm. To learn how you can make your warehouse more comfortable for your employees in the winter, read on.

1. Use Industrial Fans to Move Warm Air to the Ground Level

You'll need to install industrial fans on the ceiling in any area where employees are working. Warm air rises, so quite a bit of the air you're warming with your commercial heating system will end up near the high ceilings in your warehouse. An industrial fan that's spinning clockwise will force warm air back down towards the floor, where it will be able to keep your employees warm. Without using fans in your warehouse, you'll end up wasting a lot of electricity keeping your ceilings warm while your employees freeze.

2. Install Electric Heating Units in Cold Areas

Electric heating units are the most convenient way to keep your warehouse warm. They're essentially gigantic space heaters that tie into your warehouse's electrical system. Electric units are more suited for use in a warehouse compared to gas heaters, since there's no need to store flammable materials on site when you use electric heaters — this reduces fire hazards and makes your workplace safer. Electric heating units are modular and easy to install, so you can place them anywhere in your warehouse where extra heat is required.

3. Prevent Warm Air From Escaping Through Service Doors

With electric heating units keeping your warehouse warm and your industrial fans making sure all the warm air is kept at ground level, your next step is to reduce the amount of warm air that escapes your building. Since the fans are pushing warm air down from the ceiling, you'll mostly be concerned about losing warm air laterally through openings in the building envelope like the service doors at your loading dock. Make sure that all of the service doors in your building have weather stripping installed, and ask employees to keep the service doors closed as much as possible in order to avoid losing warm air to the outside.

Overall, keeping a warehouse warm requires dealing with the specific challenges posed by having such a large space — use industrial fans to keep warm air on the ground level and away from the ceiling, and install electric heating units in any area that's particularly chilly for your employees. If your employees are complaining about the cold, contact a commercial heating service such as Mercury Tec and have them install electric heating units in your warehouse to make it more comfortable.