Product Engineering and Design: 6 Essential Tips Every Product Designer Should Be Aware Of

30 July 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Designing a product is an artistic journey. The secret of making a good product is having a good product design combined with creativity and innovation. As a product designer, it is essential to incorporate the consumers' demand in your design. This requires skill, art, and intuition.

To help you get started on your design, here are a few tips to consider


As you design your product, you need to remember that you are not designing for yourself but for the consumption of others. You should review every aspect of your design and make sure it is useful. Avoid spending too much time on a component that does not serve a purpose to the overall product.


Put more emphasis on the functionality of your design instead of the features. Most designers opt for features to make it more appealing to the consumers. This can sell. However, most times, people are attracted to more functional designs. The question of functionality over features is, however, product-specific. If you are creating a product that sells more with color, the feature is your best bet. 

Existing Products

The foundation of product engineering and design is customer satisfaction. It is essential to listen to what the customers require and incorporate it into your design. An excellent place to start is reviewing some of the competitors' product features, reviews, and functionalities. Remember to get input from clients and partners on your prototype continuously. 

Attention to Detail

Customers appreciate a well-crafted product design that pays attention to every detail. In today's world, where mass production and counterfeits exist, most customers will be looking out for the tiniest detail that makes your product unique.

Long Term Design

Design with the future in mind. A good design would pass the test of time and still be relevant for generations to come. Consider most of the antique products currently in the market and use their concept to craft up your design. A long-lasting design will also be a testimony to your exceptional design skills.


Testing your design is a fundamental step in the creation process. Most product manufacturing services opt for engineering simulation. The use of engineering simulation is a cost-effective method to test your design using numerical analysis. This saves you money since you don't have to part with costs by creating physical prototypes.


As technology advances, various fields continue to benefit from the variation. As a product designer, you can use cloud technology which allows you to share your prototype with your clients and make improvements on previous models.

Talk to a product engineering and design service to get help with your product development.