The Top Ways That PVC-Coated Fabric Is Used Today

19 May 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Chances are good that you have seen an item made from PVC-coated fabrics at some point. These multipurpose textiles are covered in a layer of PVC coating and a special bonding adhesive. Due to its versatility and durability, PVC-coated fabric is regularly used in a number of different fields and for the construction of a diverse list of products. From industrial settings to personal recreation, the applications for this unique material are quite varied. Here are three of the most common uses for PVC-coated fabric today. 

1) Protective Clothing and Safety Gear 

Since PVC-coated fabric is so resistant to heat and other harsh conditions, it is the go-to material for the creation of protective clothing worn by first responders and emergency personnel. For example, most firefighters utilize turnout gear that contains PVC-coated fabrics. The textiles safeguard against high temperatures without breaking down the fibers on the fabric or physically harming the person wearing the clothing. PVC-coated fabric is also found in the personal protective equipment that healthcare providers use on a daily basis. In addition, wheelchair cushions, hospital mattresses, and radiation aprons are made with PVC-coated fabric. The material can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture, hazardous chemicals, and bloodborne pathogens, making it ideal for settings that must keep the spread of bacteria at bay. 

2) Industrial Coverings 

Another common application for PVC-coated fabric is industrial coverings. As a highly durable material, the fabric is an excellent solution for heavy industrial applications and outdoor settings. It is safe from most weather conditions, so it can remain outside for long periods of time and maintain its strength for years. It is also impervious to oil and dirt, and it does not puncture or tear easily. For this reason, PVC-coated fabric is frequently utilized for purposes that require a robust covering. Furthermore, due to its waterproof properties, the fabric provides a barrier against mold and mildew. Some industrial coverings that use PVC coated fabric include tarps, awnings, agricultural covers, banners, and inflatable items.

3) Consumer Goods 

The long-lasting quality of PVC-coated fabric lends nicely to consumer goods too. The fabric is routinely incorporated into gym and golf bags, tents, and outdoor furniture. Suitcases and duffel bags are also commonly made from PVC-coated fabric because the sturdy fabric can fortify the luggage during travel and movement. You'll see PVC-coated fabric in automobile upholstery, footwear, and wall treatments as well. It is even becoming popular in the fashion community as a more sustainable way of creating garments that will endure wear and tear over time. PVC-coated fabric is also attractive to manufacturers who are looking to produce items that make life easier for consumers. It is very simple to wash with only soap and warm water, so many products feature the material due to its ease of use. 

With a superior ability to remain strong in even the most extreme environments, PVC-coated fabric is an essential material for the manufacturing of many important products. Be sure to contact a supplier if you would like to find out more about PVC-coated fabrics and whether or not they will work best for your own project.