What Are The Benefits Of Scrap Metal Recycling

23 November 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Various types of metal are used in making many different products that we use on a daily basis. The production of metal is one of the largest industries in America. While metal will always be mass produced, the manufacturing of new metal can be reduced somewhat by recycling scrap metal. Scrap metal recycling (such as is done by http://www.puremetalrecycling.com/) is now considered an industry of its own and these are some of the benefits it has to offer.

Saving Energy 

Recycling old metal uses less energy than making new metal. This means that each time scrap metal is used to make a new product, energy is conserved. For instance, by recycling aluminum, 92% of the energy it takes to make new aluminum from virgin ore is conserved. This increases the amount of electricity that can be used to produce non-recyclable products.

Conserving Natural Resources 

Many different types of natural resources are used in the process of producing new metal. These include iron ore, coal, bauxite ore and limestone. However, when recycled metal is used for production, these natural resources are not used and can be conserved for other uses.

Less Damaging To The Atmosphere

Recycling scrap metal is also less damaging to the environment that producing new metal. When new metal is produced, it must be heated to shape it into the needed forms and sizes. During this process, gases are emitted into the atmosphere that can be dangerous to humans, animals and plant life.  

When scrap metal is recycled, it does not have to heat as long because it is already a certain shape or size. Therefore, fewer fumes escape into the air and the atmosphere is less polluted.

Creating More Jobs 

With the increase in the interest in recycling over the last few years, more jobs have been created to do so. Metal recycling plants have opened that need workers to perform the duties necessary to recycle metal and produce new products. This provides income to many people and helps improve the economy in various cities all over the country.

Reducing Trash In Landfills 

When scrap metal is recycled instead of thrown away, this means that less trash is dumped into the country's landfills. Throwing away scrap metal quickly creates thousands of pounds of trash that must be buried in landfills where the land might otherwise be undisturbed and more beautiful.

Even recycling the aluminum cans that are used in your home can be very beneficial. For every ten aluminum soda cans that are recycled enough energy is saved to burn a 600 watt light bulb for almost 200 hours.