Tackling Common Concerns About Dumpster Rental For Residential Properties

31 March 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

When you are in the middle of a home remodel or cleanup project, the amount of trash you end up with in the end can be somewhat surprising. There is a pretty good chance you will have to make several trips to and from the local dump just to get rid of the leftovers when you are done. The more logical and cost-effective solution is to have a dumpster delivered to your property temporarily. If dumpster rental is a service you are considering, there is no doubt you will have several questions that you need answered.

Can the dumpster still be delivered if you do not have a solid surface for placement?

There are a few different types of dumpsters you may get with a rental. One is just seated on the ground with a truck that uses an electronic lift to lower the dumpster in place. This can be placed just about anywhere on the ground. The roll-off dumpster boasts wheels that allow the receptacle to be rolled off of the delivery truck onto the ground. The roll-off dumpster will require a stable surface for delivery. However, if you do not have pavement on your property, a sheet of metal or plywood can sometimes be used to create a suitable surface.

Can you put everything in the dumpster?

The types of waste that can be placed in the rented dumpster will typically not matter until it comes to hazardous materials. However, the restricted usage guidelines can change according to the company you choose. In general, you should avoid any type of chemical waste, such as motor oil or paint, plant materials or human waste, and anything that could cause an environmental threat.

How long can you keep the dumpster?

Because of the fact that you can never ensure just how long a project will take, most dumpster rental services are quite flexible with their time frame guidelines. Some will charge a flat fee for a set amount of time in the beginning, while others will charge you by the week or month. If you suspect the project is going to take longer to complete, it is a good idea to discuss this with the rental company who will likely work with you so you can finish up with the dumpster still on site.

When you know a bit more about dumpster rental services, it is easy to see why this is one of the most logical solutions for most homeowners during a project that will create a lot of trash. Be sure to talk to the service about any questions you have in advance of your upcoming home project. Talk to experts like Dibussolo Container Service for more information.