Common Questions About Maintaining An Air Compressor Answered

21 January 2015
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An air compressor is an important tool for a variety of devices. Whether it is for power tools or cleaning devices, these machines are essential for a range of projects. Sadly, many people are not particularly familiar with these devices, and as a result they may make a few mistakes that can lead to major damage to the system. Luckily, learning the answers to these following questions will help you better understand how to get the most from your air compressor. 

What Happens If The Air Filter Is Not Changed Regularly?

Your system's air filter is an essential device for preventing debris from clogging the internal components of the air compressor. Sadly, some people make the mistake of assuming that changing the air filter is not a particularly important job, and this assumption can lead to major damage to the motor. 

When the air filter is too clogged to allow air through, it can cause the motor to work much harder to move the same amount of air. Over time, this will lead to excessive wear and tear, and in some instances, it can even lead to overheating and the melting of internal components. To avoid this type of damage, you should always check the filter each time you use the device, and this simple step can save you from major repair bills later down the road. 

Is It Damaging For Water To Accumulate In The Compressor?

After using the air compressor, you may notice water accumulating in it, and there is a good chance that you may be alarmed by this observation. Luckily, this is a perfectly natural phenomena. Water is naturally found in the air, and when it is compressed, the moisture will form condensation. 

However, while small amounts of water is a perfectly normal problem for these systems to encounter, it is important for you to drain this water from the system after each use. If the moisture is allowed to stay in the compressor, it can cause rust to form, and this may eventually cause the air compressor to experience a rupture. 

If you have never had to use an air compressor, there is a good chance that you may not fully understand how these powerful devices operate. This lack of knowledge may lead you to make a couple of mistakes that can lead to the development of numerous problems with your system. However, learning the importance of changing the air filter and draining water from the compressor will help you ensure your compressor avoids a couple of routine sources of damage. 

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