Home Heating Oil: 3 Common Myths Exposed

18 December 2014
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Have you considered purchasing a home that uses heating oil, but are a bit concerned with how this heating system works or weather or not its safe? If so, you may be surprised to learn that many of your concerns are based on nothing more than common myths regarding the use of home heating oil. Below, these myths will be exposed and the truth revealed so that you can discover the true benefits of living with oil heat.

Myth: Home Heating Oil Is Highly Combustible

Homeowners often worry about the risk of fire or explosion when storing an oil tank on their property. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why many people choose to steer clear of oil heat. However, the fact is, this fear is based on nothing more than a myth.

While home heating oil can be burned, it must be vaporized before it becomes flammable. This vaporization process requires the use of a specialized burner, such as the one found inside your home heating system. Until your heating oil passes through this burner, it is extremely stable and will not catch fire. In fact, you could drop a lit match right into your oil tank and it will go out just as if you had dropped it into a glass of cold water.

Myth: Oil Heat Is More Expensive Than Other Home Heating Options

People often assume that with the price of oil-based products at an all-time high, that they will inevitably pay more for oil heat than they would for electric or gas powered heat. However, the truth is, while the price of heating oil has risen over the years, the cost of oil heat is still incredibly competitive when compared to other heating options. This is because while one unit of heating oil will cost more than one unit of electricity or natural gas, it will take far less oil to keep your home warm all winter. Consequently, many homeowners will find that oil heat is actually the more affordable option.

Myth: You Could Be Without Heat For Days If You Run Out Of Fuel

The primary difference between heating oil and other forms of heating fuel is that oil must be delivered directly to your home and stored in an onsite tank, while other types of fuel are delivered on demand through underground pipes or electrical wires. Due to this need for home delivery, many homeowners fear what will happen if they were to run out of heating fuel and could not get a delivery for several days.

While it is always best to maintain at least a quarter tank of heating fuel, there really is no reason to worry about going without heat in the event that you do run out. This is because an oil heating system can also be run using diesel fuel from your local gas station. Consequently, you will always have immediate access to heating fuel, even if you have to wait a day or two for your heating oil delivery, from places like Fox Fuel Co, to arrive.