Radiant Floor Heating Is A Good Option For Commercial Settings

23 July 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

You may own a business that can't use a forced air heating system. There are a lot of businesses that can't use that kind of heating system, for several reasons. Your business may need to have an extremely clean space, for example, if you do things like computer repair you can't have dust floating around. Dust getting into those delicate computer parts can cause damage. Forced air heating systems will blow dust from the air around as well as blow out all the dust that collects in the ducts. You do have a different option. That is to use radiant floor heating. 

Benefits to Radiant Floor Heating

One of the biggest benefits is the very fact that it is clean. It is a series of tubes that run under the floor. They warm the floor which warms the air above the floor. Since hot air rises, it rises into the rest of the room and heats it up. The cooler air drops towards the floor and is warmed. It's a cycle which provides the heat without any dust getting into the room. 

Another benefit is that it is a  more efficient heating system. Radiant floor heating doesn't have the same issue with hot and cold spots that more traditional heating options do. That's because the entire floor becomes the heater. It is also a more energy efficient heating source and therefore saves you money. Because of the way it heats the floor, the floor radiates out that heat even when the heating system isn't active, causing the room to hold the heat longer. That means it doesn't have to be on as long. 

Drawbacks to Radiant Floor Heating

One drawback is that it can be more expensive to install. It can take a little more work to install it properly into the floor so that it will heat the floor the way that it should. In order to retrofit a radiant heating system the floor will need to be taken up so that the heating tubes can be installed and then the floor can be re-laid. The costs will eventually even out as the heating system saves money, but it can take a while for that to happen. 

Radiant floor heating is a good option for companies that can't have a furnace that blows air through the building. It is also a good option for companies that want to save money on heating but still want to keep their buildings nice and warm. Contact a local company, like Mercury Tec, for more information.